Optical Cables Standards


            The titles of the optical cables standards developed by leading international and national  standards organizations  are given below.  The standards  are divided into two groups:  a  group  named   Specification  which  establishes  the  requirements  for  the characteristics of cables and the second  group named Installation, Maintenance and Protection, which defines the  requirements for installation, maintenance and protection 

of optical cables.

In the following, the standards regarding characteristics for only fiber and the methods for characteristic measurements of fibers and cables are not listed.




 TSB72                                 Centralized Optical Fiber Cabling Guidelines.

                                              Telecommunications  Industry Association.


 E1A-455-86                         Fiber Optic Cable Jacket Shrinkage. Telecommunications

                                              Industry Association.


                           EIA/TIA-4720000-A           Generic Specification for Fiber Optic Cable.

                                                                        Telecommunications Industry Association.

     Sectional Specification (Adopted ICEA S-83-596-2001)

                                             Standard for Optical Fiber Premises Distribution Cable.

                                             Telecommunications Industry Association.


TIA/EIA-472COOO-A        Sectional Specification for Fiber Optic Communications

                                             Cables for  indoor use. Telecommunications Industry



TIA/EIA-472DOOO-A        Sectional Specification for Fiber Optic Communication

                                             Cables for outside Plant Use.  Telecommunications Industry



   TIA/EIA-598-C                   Optical Fiber Cable Coding. Telecommunications Industry



GR-20                                  Generic Requirements of Optical Fiber and Optical Fiber

                                             Cable. Telcordia Standards.


GR-356                                Generic Requirements for Optical Cable Interduct.

                                             Telcordia Standards.


GR-409                                Generic Requirements for Pre­mises Fiber Optic Cable.

                                             Telcordia Standards.


TR-NWT-000764                Generic Criteria for Optical Fiber Identifiers. Telcordia



TR-NWT-001121               Generic Requirements for Self-supporting Optical Fiber

                                            Cable. Telcordia Standards.


TR-NWT-001322                Generic Requirements for Steam Resistant Cables.

                                             Telcordia Standards.


TR-NWT-002811                Generic Requirements for Cable Placing Lubricants.

                                             Telcordia Standards.


                          GR-2961                              Generic Requirements for Multi-purpose Fiber Optic

                                                                       Cable. Telcordia Standards.


                          L.10                                     Optical Fiber Cables for Duct, Tunnel, Aerial and Buried

                                            Application. ITU Standards.


L.26                                     Optical Fiber Cables for Aerial Application. ITU Standards.


G.651                                  Characteristics of a 50/125 /mm MM Graded-index Optical

                                            Fiber Cable. ITU Standards.


G.652                                  Characteristics of a SM Opti­cal Fiber Cable. ITU



G.653                                  Characteristics of a Disper­sion-shifted SM Optical Fiber

                                            Cable. ITU Standards.


G.654                                  Characteristics of a Cut-off Shifted SM Optical Fiber

                                           Cable.  ITU Standards.


G.655 (-C, -D, -E)               Characteristics of a Non Zero-dispersion-shifted SM

                                            Optical Fiber Cable. ITU Standards.


G.656                                   Characteristics of a Fibеr and Cable with Non-zero

                                             Dispersion for Wideband Optical Transport. ITU



G.657                                  Characteristics of a Bending Loss Insensitive Single Mode

                                             Optical fiber and Cable for the Access Network. ITU



                          S-83-596                              Optical Fiber Premises Distribution Cable. Insulated Cable

                                             Engineers Association Inc.


S-83-596-2001                    Fiber Optic Premises Distribution Cable. ANSI/ICEA.

                                            Insulated Cable Engineers Association, Inc.

                    Fiber Optic Outside Plant Communications Cable.

                                            ANSI/ICEA. Insulated Cable Engineers Association, Inc.

S-104-696-2001                  Standard For Indoor-Outdoor Optical Cable. Insulated

                                            Cable Engineers Association, Inc.

S-110-717-2003                  Optical Drop Cables.  ICEA. Insulated Cable Engineers

                                            Association, Inc.

                 Fiber Optic Cable for Placement in Sewer Environments.

                                            ICEA. Insulated Cable Engineers Association, Inc.


IEEE 1222                         Standard for all-dielectric self-supporting fiber optic cable.

                                           Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

BS EN 187105:2002         Single mode optical cable (duct/direct buried installation).

                                           British Standards.


ГОСТ Р МЭК 794-1-93   Optical Cables. Generic Technical Requirements. ГОСТ Р



ГОСТ Р 52266-2004         Cable products. Optical Cables. Generic Technical

                                           Specification. ГОСТ Р (Russia).


DIN EN 187105-2002       Single mode optical cable (duct/direct buried installation).

                                           Deutsches Institut für Normung.


JIS C 6839:2001               Optical Fiber Ribbon Cords.  Japanese Industrial Standard.



                 Installation, Maintenance and Protection


TIA/E1A-590-A                Standard for Physical Loca­tion and Protection of Below-

                                          ground Fiber Optic Cable Plant. Telecommunications

                                          Industry Association.


EIA/TIA-620A000            Sectional Specification for Single-Mode Fiber Optic

                                          Branching Devices for Outside Plant Applications.

                                          Telecommunications  Industry Association.


TIA/EIA-568-B.3             Optical Fiber Cabling Components Standard.

                                          Telecommunications Industry Association.


EIA TSB 125                   Guidelines for Maintaining Optical Fiber Polarity Through

                                          Reverse-Pair Positioning. Telecommunications  Industry



EIA TSB 130                   Generic Guidelines for Connectorized Polarization Maintaining

                                         Fiber and Polarizing Fiber Cable Assemblies for Use in

                                         Telecommunications Applications. Telecommunications 

                                         Industry Association.


SR-NWT-000821            Field Reliability Performance Study Handbook. Telcordia



TR-TSY-000789              Generic Requirements for Lashed Cable Supports. Telcordia



TR-TSY-000843              Generic Requirements for Optical and Optical/Metallic Buried

                                         Service Cable. Telcordia Standards.


L.25                                  Optical Fiber Cable Network Maintenance. ITU Standards.


L.34                                  Installation of Optical Fiber Ground Wire (OGW) Cable.

                                         ITU Standards.


L.35                                  Installation of Optical Fiber Cable in the Access Network.

                                         ITU Standards.


IEEE 1138                       Construction of composite fiber optic overhead ground wire

                                         (OPGW) for use on electric utility power lines.  Institute of

                                         Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

IEEE 1428                       Installation methods for fiber-optic cables in electric power

                                         generating stations and in industrial facilities. Institute of

                                         Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

IEEE 1590                       Recommended practice for the electrical protection of optical

                                         fiber communication facilities serving, or connected to,

                                         electrical supply locations. Institute of Electrical and

                                         Electronics Engineers.




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